Marketing Your Masterpiece

My strength is in mobilizing a multidisciplinary team to craft one-of-a-kind marketing messages, leading to exponential growth in impressions and engagement. Using strategies such as organic lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO), I collaborate with teams to stay in front of the ever-changing landscape of marketing and public outreach. I am a creative problem-solver and communicator and utilize those skills to build lasting relationships with customers, partners, and colleagues.

Art Direction & Design

As an Art Director experienced in graphic and web design, budget management, and social media marketing, I have developed a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the intricacies involved in a successful marketing strategy. I will leverage my background in the design and implementation of highly successful digital marketing campaigns to tell your story, while creating a first-class customer experience.

Professional Social Media Management

As a communications professional, I possess a strong background in professional social media management. Highlights of my expertise include:
  • Dramatically increasing followers and engagement for Washington D.C.’s Department of Public Works social media accounts, resulting in a 29% growth in Twitter engagements organically.
  • Utilizing research, insights, and segmentation information to understand target audiences and develop effective campaigns that address all users.
  • Effectively managing timelines and collaborating with multiple government agencies to deliver successful campaigns.
  • Monitoring campaign performance and optimizing activity to maximize results.
  • Providing campaign evaluation reports and key learnings to the team and management to inform future marketing and communication activity.
  • Achieving notable results such as an increase of 2,000 organic followers on Twitter and 2.5 million impressions for the fiscal year.
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